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American Literary Studies in Ukraine

General Information

American Literary Studies in Ukraine is a tribune and source of information for those who study the USA literature. This annual edition was founded in 2004 by the Center for American Literary Studies in Ukraine at Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the NAS of Ukraine. 

The edition is meant for specialists in American literature, researchers, teachers and students of world – particularly American – literature, for those who are interested in literature and culture of the USA.

Editorial board: Prof. Emory Elliott (USA), Academician of NASU, Prof. Mykola Zhulynsky, Counselor of the USA Embassy in Ukraine Janet Demiray, Corresponding Member of NASU Tamara Gundorova, Corresponding Member of NASU, Prof. Dmytro Nalyvayko, Doctor of Philology, Prof. Natalya Vysotska, Doctor of Philology, Prof. Tetyana Potnitseva, Prof. Natalya Zhluktenko, Doctor of Philology, Prof. Aleksandr Kozlov, Candidate of Philology, Assistant Prof. Aleksandr Gon (the Deputy Head), Candidate of Philology Ganna Stembkovska (secretary).


The address: Shevchenko Institute of the Literature of the NAS of Ukraine, 4, Grushevsky st., of. 313, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine.

Tel.: (38) (044) 279 19 97

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Published issues:

American Literary Studies in Ukraine. – Vol. 1. “Puritan Tradition in American Literature”. – Kyiv, 2004.

The first issue of the annual American Literary Studies in Ukraine is dedicated to a fundamental issue for American mentality – the tradition of Puritanism in the literature of the USA. The collection presents the interpretation of Puritan categories from the point of view of modernity, historical and theoretical analysis of this phenomenon, reception of the tradition of Puritanism in the American literature of the 19th century, and its functioning in the current literary process. Among the contributors of the volume there are famous scholars from the USA and Ukraine as well as young promising researches.



American Literary Studies in Ukraine. – Vol. 2. “Tradition of Enlightenment in American Literature”. – Kyiv, 2005.

The second volume of the annual American Literary Studies in Ukraine is dedicated to an important theme - the tradition of Enlightenment in American literature. Enlightenment that lasted in America for the whole 18th century became an important stage in development of social and political, spiritual, and cultural life of the country. Besides, the tradition of Enlightenment is interesting for researchers not only as a definite historical period but as a powerful creative factor for national mentality that still influences ideas and forms of American literature.



American Literary Studies in Ukraine. – Vol. 3. “Literature of the USA: Essays, Reflections, Researches”. – Kyiv, 2006.

This volume of the annual American Literary Studies in Ukraine is dedicated to Tamara N. Denysova, an outstanding Ukrainian scholar-americanist, Doctor of Philology, Professor. According to the scholar’s research interests this issue presents the wide spectrum of problems and phenomena significant for the continuum of the modern US literature. The collection includes the essays of researchers – Prof. Denysova’s friends, followers, and disciples – from the USA, Europe, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.



American Literary Studies in Ukraine. – Vol. 4.“Romantic Discourse in American Literature”. – Kyiv, 2007.

The fourth volume of the annual American Literary Studies in Ukraine is dedicated to the theory and practice of Romanticism in American literature, and to the modes of its rethinking by next literary generations. Among the contributors of the volume there are experienced and young Ukrainian scholars.



American Literary Studies in Ukraine. – Vol. 5/6.“American Modernism: Context, Figures. Post-postmodernist Perspective”. – Kyiv, 2010.

This volume is dedicated solely to Modernism and, in accord with the research line, taken in the preceding annual publications, focuses on the major literary schools, canons and movements of the US literature.


American Literary Studies in Ukraine. – Vol. 7.“American Short Story: Theory of Genre and Recent Practices (Edge of XX–XXI Centuries)”. – Kyiv, 2012.


Volume Seven is dedicated to the study of short story — a uniquely American literary genre of short fiction which is different both from European novella and from traditional story (talk-tale). Essentially heterogeneous, the specifics of short story in terms of their meaning and form are rooted both in European models and in exceptionally American sources. The concurrent development of journalism and the formation of folklore served as its major providers. Founding their readings and analyses of artistic texts on theoretical and historical literary American studies, the contributors to the "Yearbook", Americanists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Poland, focus on the latest period in the development of the genre of short story. The cardinal trends at the edge of XX—XXI centuries have been defined by transformations in mainstream literature, the age of postmodern mentality, and the rise of multiculturalism, thus fostering aesthetic enrichment of popular American genre of short story. 

The volume is intended for researchers, teachers, students, and amateurs of US literature. 



American Literary Studies in Ukraine. – Vol. 8.“Modern American Drama: Trends, Figures, Texts”. – Kyiv, 2014.

Volume 8 of the Yearbook of American Literary Studies in Ukraine is dedicated to drama, the least studied component of American literature. With a history of its own and the standing it has in America, drama today is extremely popular and productive. It also constitutes a creative ingredient of such specific intermedia art forms as film and television. The international body of authors focus their research primarily on the plays written at the turn of the 20th/21st centuries that are virtually unknown to the Ukrainan readers and audiences.

The Yearbook also features materials of the Round-table discussion dedicated to writings of one of the leading figures in modern American literature, Pulitzer Prize winner Cormac McCarthy whose name is likely to be familiar to the Ukrainian movie enthusiasts as the pictures based on his works have gained in worldwide renown, while his prose has yet to be translated in this country.