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    Станція 451
    «Станція 451» –
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Наші видання

Monday, 22 May 2017 08:15

Communicative Discourse in Polycultural Environment


Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Institute of Problems on Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine  


Mykolaiv V.O. Sukhomlynsky National University

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic University

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University


Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland



Dear Colleagues!

You are cordially invited to attend International Interdisciplinary Scientific-Practical Conference “Communicative Discourse in Polycultural Environment tobe heldfrom October 06 till October 07, 2017. 

Topic Areas:


Literature Studies

1.      Literary Communication Strategies in the Paradigm of Ethnoculture

2.      Literature in the Intermedia Dimension

3.      Literary Text in the Aspect of Hermeneutics, Philosophy, Psychology

4.      Fictional  Text and Cultural Memory

5.      Playing Literature and Literature Playing

6.      World Media Critics in Polycultural Dimension

7.      Literature Training Techniques in the Context of Intercultural Interconnection


 Theory of Translation

1.      Language Sociologization in the Cross Cultural Contexts

2.      Translation and Interpreting as Means of Intercultural Mutual Understanding

3.      Culturally Determined Factors in Translation Practice

4.      Problems of Intercultural Communication in the  Polyethnic Area

5.      Foreign Languages Training: Methodical Innovations


Language Studies and Linguodidactics

1.      Language Systems: the Problems of Development and Functioning in Polycultural Environment

2.      Language Units: Linguocultural Aspects

3.      Discursive Linguistics: Theory and Methodology of Intercultural Communication

4.      Language Discourse in Polycultural Environment: Structural Semantic Aspects

5.      Ukrainian Language: Methodical Innovations


The languages of the Conference: Slavic, English, German.

The Form of Participation: full-time and remote participation (poster presentationsand abstracts for researchpapers).

To participate in the conference you are to email an application form (the form is attached) to mnu-konf-filolog@ukr.netby September 10, 2017.  Please indicate “Application Form” and your surname as “Subject” in your email. The submitted topics of your abstracts for researchpapers and poster presentation shall be reviewed as for the compliance with the requirements of the conference and you will be informed of your topics being added to the Conference Program before September 17, 2017.  After having been given the confirmation of your topic being added to the Conference Program (it does not depend on the form your participation) till September 24, 2017, you are to submit your abstracts of researchpapers and pay the registration fee.

The official invitation will be emailed to the address having indicated in your application form before September 27, 2017

The materials of the conference will have been published before the beginning of the conference in the collection of scientific articles (see the requirements given below).

The scientific articles based on the poster presentations will be published in the specialized scientific publication of Mykolaiv V.O. Sukhomlynsky National University Scientific Journal, series: Philological Sciences (Literature Studies) (publication fee is 35 hryvnias per one page), or can be placed in Electronic Scientific Journal "Text. Context. Intertext" (publication fee is 250 hryvnias for one publication). The scientific articles devoted to the problems of Theory of Translation, Language Studies and Linguodidactics will be published in the specialized scientific publication “Philological Studios” (language studies)of Kryvy Rih State Pedagogical University (publication fee is 35 hryvnias per one page). You can see the requirements for the publications at the web sites:,, Thedeadlineforthearticles submissionisOctober 30, 2017.

Theregistrationfeeforfull-timeparticipantsis 200 hryvnias, forremoteparticipantsfromUkraine – 150 hryvnias, for foreign participants – 20 euro. Itincludestheconferenceprogramandthecollectionof abstracts for research papers publication, lunchandcoffeebreakfortheconferenceparticipants.  

Accommodation, cateringandtravelexpensesaremade by the participants of the conference themselves.   

Contact Details

Executive Secretaries of the Scientific Conference:

SectionsLiteratureStudies”, Language Studies and Linguodidactics Luydmyla Bondar,Candidate of Philological Sciences,tel. (068)268-44-18, (095)920-57-23,
e-mail: Theregistrationfee (LiteratureStudies”, “LanguageStudiesandLinguodidactics) shouldbesentinthenameofLyudmylaBondar(Бондар Л.О.)to the card of «A-банк»  bank  # 5211 5273 0537 8222

SectionTheory of TranslationYulia Sydorenko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, tel. (066)793-67-17, e-mail: (Theory of Translation”)shouldbesentinthenameofYulia Sydorenko (Сидоренко Ю. І.)to the card of «Приватбанк» bank # 4149 4978 6957 4915.

When transferring the funds, don’t forget to indicate the names of the conference participants.

Conference Venue: Mykolaiv,vul. Nikol’s’ka, 24.

Ukrainian Language and Literature Department, tel.: (095)802-06-42, (063)515-70-15.



Organizing Committee



to participate  in International Interdisciplinary Scientific-Practical Conference

“Communicative Discourse in Polycultural Environment

(October 0607, 2017)


First name, last name


Scientific Degree, Academic Rank




Educational Institution (full name)



Topic of the Poster Presentation


Topic Area and Section


Form of Participation (full-time/ remote)


Contact details: address,  mobile number


e-mail (to be obligatory given and must be available)


Ifyouneed thewritteninvitation
yes / no) – only for the full-time participants


If you need to be accommodated (yes / no)


Arrival date  / Departure date




Publication Requirements


Abstractvolume – 2 pages.

Technicalstandards: pageformat – А4, Font – Times New RomanCyr. Font size – 12 pt, line spacing – one (1.0)., margins (top, bottom, left, right)  - 20 mm.The pages are not numbered. Indentrequirements: thefirstline – 10 mm, left, right– 0mm.

The text is typed without divisions, the entire width of the page. It is allowed to print the key notions in bold, quotations in italics. You must use the same type of quotation marks («....»). Text should distinguish the characters dash (-) and dash (–). Footnotes at the end of the page (article) are not allowed.

The materials are to be laid out as follows:

   nameoftheauthor / authors (separateparagraphoftheleft-aligned);

   nameofthecity (separateparagraphoftheleft-aligned);

   e-mail (separateparagraphoftheleft-aligned);

   nameoftheabstractforpaper  (printedincapital  letters, bold(separatecenteredparagraph);

   bodytext; citationsinthetextaregiveninsquarebrackets. The first number – the number in the references, the second – the number of the page. The numbers of the sources and pages are separated by comma and space character; the numbers of the separate sources by semicolon, eg .: [5], [6, 123] [5; 34]. In the sentence the full stop is put after the square brackets.

   The references are placed in the alphabetical order at the end of the abstract (if necessary). The references are given in accordance with the latest requirements of VAK (Highest Attestation Commission of Ukraine)  (ВАК України. – Бюлетень ВАК України. – 2009. – № 5. – С. 26–30).








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